Zadar Airport

Zadar International Airport is located in Zemunik Donji, 8km from the city center of Zadar.


This small but neat airport is connected to the whole Croatia through Split-Zagreb A1 highway in vicinity and is equipped with all the modern facilities.
Zadar international plays the most vital role in connecting northern Dalmatia and Lika to other parts of the country. It connects to Pula, Zagreb all the major European destinations by direct flights and by changing flight in Zagreb you can have access to anywhere in the world.

This Small but modern airport of Croatia is serving commercial flights from the date back in 1936 when Ala Littoria used it as a hub for its commercial flights. Currently it provides direct flights to the cities like Podogorica, Berlin, London, Vienna, Brussels and many others major European destinations. In the peak season during summers it also opens up flights to some additional destinations in Germany, Austria, Great Britain and France.

The Croatian airlines also partners up with other airline worldwide to connect the whole world with Zadar International. Apart from the commercial flights, Zadar airport is also serving as the main training base of the air force of Croatia. Since April 2013 this airport has also became Ryanair base with a stationed Boeing 747 and serving about 16 destinations in 8 major European countries.
It was the only airport in the world where a working public road crossed the taxiway of planes.

This road was closed in April 2010 after negotiations with European Union. Zadar International Airport may look a bit small when you compare it with other airports, but it has all the modern facilities at the disposal of passengers. From exchange offices and cash points to eating places and toilets, name it and Zadar would already have it for you to make your trip beautiful.

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